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Kabayan is a word in the Filipino language that embodies community. 

It’s a way to address fellow Filipinos, loosely translated as “my people”.

With Kabayan Wines, we want you to know you are our people too.

“Kabayan wines is driven by a passion to bring community together, by sharing my Filipino culture with you all – over great wine meant to be enjoyed on its own or paired with dishes I grew up with. ” – Owner & Winemaker, Justine Osilla

About the Winemaker

Justine Osilla

Justine was raised by a traditional Filipino family that taught her their narrow definition of success – the one that implies you can only be happy and fulfilled if you’re in the medical field. Little did they know, she’d answer a different calling.

She grew up with wine on the table, frequented Napa Valley and Paso Robles, and started developing a palate at a young age. After originally pursing a medical profession, she explored this interest in wine. Through WSET, she discovered the art of winemaking and how heavily integrated chemistry is in the process. Justine then studied Enology at Fresno State and has 8 years of experience in the industry under her belt. Her journey has covered vineyard, winemaking/harvest internships, hospitality, cellar work, lab/phenolics research, social media marketing/management, wholesale, restaurant wine buying, and customer care.

Though her family thought wine was an unconventional path, they came around because she was able to make them feel passionate by unashamedly sharing what she loves & being inclusive despite their doubts. 

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Let’s Be Friends

2022 is the first ever vintage of Kabayan Wines. Produced & Bottled at Sunset Cellars

“This label has always been a dream. It’s a tribute to my roots, but also to the community that helped me make this dream come to fruition. Special thanks to Sunset Cellars Winemaker, Fah Sathirapongsasuti, for being an incredible mentor and allowing me the space to help me thrive. None of this would’ve been possible without all your love and support throughout my journey!”

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